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Waterways Pet & Aquatics Ltd
blished in 1993 at a large modern purpose built Garden Centre. 
Milton Ernest Garden Centre is on a 4 acre site. We sell a wide range of pet and aquatic products to suit all peoples needs. We pride ourselves on good advice and recommending the right products for your particular needs. As a company our policy is not to sell you a product that we know is not going to work for you, just to make a sale.

What we sell,

Pond & Aquarium Products: Large range of Pond Pumps from 400 litres - 15,000 litres, Filters, ultraviolet clarifiers, ponds, liner, underlay, Waterfalls, Ornaments, pond lights,weather proof sockets and connectors,pond air pumps, cover nets, fishing nets, pond heaters, compost, hose, Medication, barley straw, floating food, sinking food, pond Plants, Fish (Tropical & coldwater), Aquariums, cabinets, lighting, Tubes, Test kits, cleaning equipment, Aquarium treatments, goldfish bowls, Aquariun nets, tropical fish food, coldwater fish food, filter foams,filter media, thermostatic heaters, Filters, decorations, gravel and food.
Pet Products: Large range of Leads, collars,beds, toys, treats, food bowls, harnesses, head collars, muzzles, dog doors, cat flaps, name tags, grooming products, combs, cat litter, brushes, strippers,weaning bottles, one dose wormers, shampoo, Dog & Cat Food, Toys, Flea products and treatments
Small Animal Products: Range of Small Animals, Cages, cage accessories, water bottles, Bedding, treats, treatments, flea treatments, feeding bowls shampoo, hay, straw, rabbit harness food and toys.
Bird products: A wide selection of bird related products, sand sheets, food, millet sprays, toys, ivermectin, treats, cuttlefish bone and seed.


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